Get A Hold Of The Simcity Buildit Mobile App And Make Your Dream City

The games that require me to utilize my management skills are one of my favorites. After a long day, there is nothing like getting on an adrenaline high that a good game has to offer. Games involving crafting mechanics always keeps me on my toes. To build something is always interesting. It is safe to say that I was not disappointed with EA’s latest release of SimCity Buildit. The SimCity franchise has been available to its players for a long time now. It is only recently that the makers decided to make it accessible for mobile handsets.

The handset version of SimCity is available for users of both the platforms. Android and iOS. There are still online as well as console versions available for the game. All the version of the game retains their high-quality graphics. The icing on the cake is the fact that I did not require a constant internet connection for the mobile application version. The game would automatically restore the progress on establishing the internet connection. This particular feat was a treat to me because a steady internet connection can be difficult while traveling.

The game goes easy on the phone memory space and downloads fast enough. On installing the game, I was frankly overwhelmed with the kind of graphics the mobile version retains. The onset gave me instructions regarding the beginning of the game. I was given a certain quantity of SimCash and coins for the initial build up. The user interface is simple and the set up realistic. The game gave me a position of the mayor. The highlight of the game for me was that I had to build as well as regulate a city as per my accord.

The game is easy to understand building game. I had to set up my city. Right from the positioning of my buildings to alignments of the water pipes. I had to do so with minimum coin expenditure but keeping the happiness meter of my citizens high. The game also involves setting up relaxation facilities like a well administrative structure and factories. The challenge of the game is to do all of that while being in sync with the demands of the citizens. The demand of my citizens and their happiness plays a huge role in the game. The happier I keep my citizens, the better are the revenues that I can collect from them.

A fascinating aspect of the game is that the only way to earn money in the game is via building. Building construction also requires money. It is a full circle. There are unique ways or simcity buildit hack to earn coins and virtual cash for the game. I did not have to play any extra challenges to earn coins. This game comes with an option of connecting the game profile to the interested social media account. It is not only the construction of the city or the happiness of the citizen that is the intriguing part. My city was under the constant fear of external invasion, and my duty was to safeguard my city from any probable danger. This one game has so many aspects that it ends up giving its competitors a run for their money.…