Burnaby Auto Repair and Maintenance

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Auto Repair and Maintenance in Burnaby Repair Shop

You may be driving a brand new car or perhaps you just drove off of a used car lot in one the best cars or trucks you have ever owned. You love it. You want to to give it proper care and maintenance to keep it running and performing well for you for a long time.

We offer some tips in this article on what you need to do to keep your car in great condition. Follow Burnaby Auto Repair and Maintenance tips to get to know more about your car and what makes it tick.

1. Keep Your Owner’s Manual Near You

Crompton Brothers  recommends that you always have your owner’s manual at hand. If you don’t have one, buy one at any auto parts or auto repair shop. A lot of drivers never refer to the manual, not knowing it will answer a lot of questions.

The manual is full of information about your automobile. Read it and learn about how to best take care of your vehicle. Learn about engine maintenance, the check engine light and the proper fuels, fluids and filters used to keep your engine running properly.

2. Oil and Other Fluids and Filters Need Regular Attention

You can destroy an engine if you neglect to change its oil. Check in the owner’s manual and see what is recommended concerning oil and filter changes. Most mechanics agree that you should change them about every 3,000 miles.

Automatic transmission fluid and filter need changing. Put clean, fresh fluid in your intricate gearbox periodically. Other fluids that require periodic replacement include radiator coolant, brake fluid and power steering fluid.

3. Proper Care of Tires Will Keep Them Lasting Longer

Tire maintenance is important. Check your air pressure regularly. Underinflation can lead to tire friction and overheating can cause a tire blowout. Driving with over-inflated tires also can cause uneven wear on treads.

A tire rotation is a good practice. Every wheel has to be removed in the rotation process. We recommend that you rotate wheels every six months unless you drive fewer than 7,500 miles per year.

4. Keep Your Vehicle Clean and Protected from Elements

Let us remind you that keeping your automobile looking sharp always leads to better resale value. Clean it both inside and out. Wash it regularly and vacuum a lot. if you’re so inclined, rub some wax on it and make it shine.

Your garage is meant to house your car and protect it from elements that can damage the exterior and the interior. The hot summer sun can do as much harm as rain and snow when your vehicle is outside. Leave it the garage when you are not driving it.

5. When Your Vehicle Needs Repair, Repair It

More harm can be done to your vehicle when you overlook repairs. Listen for strange noises and when you hear them give them your attention right away. Get little issues fixed right away or they will turn into more serious, more costly issues.

6. Find a Mechanic Who Will Treat You Right

Try to find a mechanic you can trust. Many mechanics have been known to over-charge and take advantage of customers who know little about automobiles. Don’t fall victim to a greedy, dishonest repairman.

Final Word

These are our tips for keeping your car running for a long time. We will leave you with these words of wisdom: “Take care of what you drive and it will take care of you.”